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Classic, line-based scrolling

Posted: Fri Jan 13, 2017 10:18 pm
by palacs
The only scrolling method available now is a kind of smooth scrolling. It has some disadvantages over classic, line-based, non-smooth, not animated scrolling.

  • The smooth scrolling in Isotoxin is highly dependent on CPU cycles. The higher the CPU clock is, the bigger amount Isotoxin will scroll the chat history. This makes it unpredictable and even uncomfortable, especially on notebooks with energy-saving options which alter CPU speed a lot.
  • The smooth scrolling in Isotoxin will eat at least one CPU core completely, especially on an older computer. Line-based scrolling would be faster and use much less CPU.
  • The reaction time of line-based, classic scrolling is more effective in some cases. If you are a user experience idealist, want to sit back and enjoy the shiny UI, smooth scrolling is definitely your friend... but if you are an advanced power user and want to see the result to your action immediately, then smooth scrolling is a bad guy as it delays displaying the desired content (the part of the chat history you scroll to).
All in all, smooth/classic scrolling is rather a matter of taste, but I think the classic one is a must, at least as an option for advanced users.